Specialised Services Fauna Spotter

Australian Fauna Management utilises a wide variety of tools and equipment to safely and efficiently get our job done. Our equipment, permits and tools can also be a valuable asset to work outside the regular spotter/catcher activities. Equipment such as our aerial drones can not only be used for dangerous trenching situations and examining nests but can also provide aerial photography for applications such as monitoring the progress of the project, weed surveying and aerial scouting. Using computer programs we can plot a set course or GPS location anywhere within a 10 kilometer range and have our photography unit send photos or live video back to a laptop computer.


State fauna rehabilitation permits enable us to carry out our fauna spotter/catcher and fauna management duties for site works.

Accompanied with damage mitigation permits, this allow us to remove wildlife from not just work sites but also camps, vehicles, offices and any other areas that don't involve clearing works


Many other services can be tailored to suit your needs and we welcome suggestions on how we can assist in the development of your project. These may include:


  • Venomous snake and wildlife relocations outside of clearing operations 

  • Targeted species surveys

  • Aerial photography

  • Nocturnal wildlife surveys

  • Trapping 

  • Chainsaw operations 

  • Tree planting

  • Weed spraying

  • Artificial habitat replacement

  • Aquatic species surveys and removals

  • Venomous snake awareness and information

  • Snake bite first aid treatment workshops to ALL site personel