Australian Fauna Management prides itself on having an experienced, qualified and professional team. We employ field team members that are experienced in fauna handling and identification from within fauna spotting projects, the zoo industry, and research, including photographers, private wildlife keepers, demonstrators and animal rescue specialists. 


Our team undergo regular training to keep their skills and knowledge up to speed. At Australian Fauna Management, we use the most current field guides, distribution maps and equipment for the protection, data logging and safe removal of all wildlife. Our photographs and other data acquired during our time on site can be integrated into a mapping system if a more detailed report is required.


Our extensive on-site works include fauna habitat surveys, fauna load reduction, clearing works, trenching operations, de-watering operations, general management and handling of fauna. 

All of our employees are assessed as competent in the handling of marsupials to minimise capture myopathy, shock in birds, venomous reptiles and amphibian hygiene protocols.


In the event that an animal becomes injured on site, we have the ability to provide emergency care and reahbilitation as well as various contacts Australia wide for any wildlife that may require rehabilitation or treatment.


With our highly trained team and the use of the most up to date field guides, techniques and equipment, we promise to provide you with the most professional, qualified fauna spotters on your project for the protection, data logging and safe removal of all wildlife.

Fauna Spotter Catcher Services