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The Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2006 Section 16 states:

16 Koala spotter needed for clearing in koala habitat area


(1) This section applies to a person clearing in a koala habitat area, koala habitat trees that have a trunk with a diameter of more than 10cm at 1.3m above the ground.

(2) The person must ensure the clearing is carried out in the presence of a koala spotter who has the primary role of locating koalas in the trees for the person.

Maximum penalty - 120 penalty units.

(3) This section applies in addition to any other requirement applying to the clearing under an Act.

(4) In this section -- koala spotter means a person who has demonstrated experience in locating koalas in koala habitats or conducting fauna surveys.

Determine if your land is in a koala habitat mapped area, visit the DERM site or  Click Here.  

Check that your area to be cleared does not contain protected plants -  protected plants trigger map - Dept of Environment and Heritage

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