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Meet The Team

Natalie Egelman

Natalies background is in wildlife rehabiliation and rescue. She is currently specialising in the rehabiliation and care of Birds of Prey and is highly qualified to rehabiliate many other species of wildlife, holding numerous certificates ranging from the assesment and care of Koalas to Reptiles. Natalie also manages the adminstration and procurement sections for Australian Fauna Management

Kyle Debets

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Wildlife Biology and Marine Biology. He has extensive, specialised field experince as both a PhD research assistant with Frog Sampling and vegetation surveys as well as working as an SEQ Water Research Assistant with Queensland Lungfish Sampling

Josh Maher

Josh is from a diverse background in construction and the wildlife industry. He grew up around the wildlife  industry which cultivated his passion from a very young age. He spent 15 years as an arborist climbing and rigging trees, has worked as a wildlife demonstrator presenting educational shows to the public and mainatined a large private collection of wildlife from an early age. After completing a Certificate III in captive animal management while working in a wildlife park Josh left the aboriculture industry to persue his passion for working with wildlife. With his extensive experience in both  tree management and clearing and working with wildlife the company Australian Fauna Management was founded. 

Admin/Assistant Manager
Leading Ecologist

Brendan Maher

Brendan holds a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science, majoring in Environmental Rescource Management. He holds qualifications in Acid sulfate soil identification, assessment and Management, Certificate III in horticulture. National license to preform high risk work EWP, GIS mapping and remote sensing, practical skills in construction and land clearing operations. Brendan specialises in Botanical and Ecological Survey Design and implementation.

Christy Harvey

Christy has many years experience as a team leader in the Fauna Spotting industry. She holds a bachelor of Science majoring in ecology and conservation biology with honours in terrestrial ecology and entomology. She is experienced in fauna emergency rescue and care as well as field and labororatory work collecting, identifying and pinning insects for Griffith University.

Lizzy Buckby

Lizzy graduated from a bachelor of science degree double majoring in zoology and ecology, she completed her post graduate honurs degree in ecology. Her honours research was undertaken in the remote area of the Limpopo province in South Africa. Lizzy has a diverse background with experience in small mammal trapping, revegetation and developing research technique

Environmental Scientist
Fauna Spotter

John Koens

Johns passion for wildlife is in reptiles and invertabrates. John is an asset to our team with his vast knowledge base of small vertebrate and invertabrate species.

Travis Gordon

Travis comes from a zoology and wildlife rescue background, this has given Travis practical skills and hands on experience dealing with many types of wildlife. Travis has studied Native Animal Conservation and has had a passion for wildlife from a young age

Luke Mcsweeny

Luke is a snake man with years of experience relocating venomous snakes under his own Damage mitigation permit in QLD, coupled with his extensive experience working as fauna spotter on various projects Luke is an asset to any team working in wildlife management  

Fauna Spotter
Fauna Spotter
Fauna Spotter