Our commitment to Safety

Here at Australian Fauna Management Safety is Paramount.


Up to date, extensive training and handling procedures are carried out on a regular basis for all of our team.  All of our employees are assessed as competent in the handling of marsupials, birds, venomous reptiles and amphibians. We run a strict safety policy in regards to handling venomous snakes.


Before our team are sent out to the field they must complete first aid training, a venomous snake handling course and then a further Verification of Competency (VOC) by one of our trained and competent employees. A VOC is based on snake handling ability, correct snake identification, correct use of equipment and appropriate implementation of safety processes, including use of PPE. 

Easily Identifiable Field Team- Our uniforms make us easy to identify when in the field. We employ the words “FAUNA” in bold writing on all of our Hi -Vis uniforms, along with a different coloured hard hat. This allows us to stand out from the rest of the on-site personnel and for machine operators to easily determine where their spotter is at all times. 


As a part of our standard PPE our team is also provided with snake bite resistant pants.

Chaps, gaiters and other PPE generally used for snake bite resistance are heavy hot and bulky and can be a hindrence to our work, especially in the heat of our Australian summers. 


Theses pants are made from fabric designed by warwick mills. The patented 6 oz fabric is one third the weight of other snake protection gear, yet is strong enough to stop the bites of even the largest venomous snakes.


Where safety matters it pays to have the right equipment!

To recieve a copy of our Safe Work Method Statements, Standard Operating Procedures, Vaccination Records etc, please send an enquiry through via the contacts page, alternativly email us directly at admin@australianfaunamanagement.com