Australian Fauna Management is a small private company that specializes in wildlife management and spotter/catcher services across many industries such as mining, pipelines, civil construction and more.


Our aim is to avoid, reduce, minimise and mitigate the risk of stress, harm or injury to fauna during clearing activities. Each of our employees have extensive experience in implementing fauna management plans, environmental management plans and following the state legislation that is relevant to working with fauna on development projects.


Our extensive experience with on-site works include fauna habitat surveys, trapping, nest box design and installation, fauna load reduction, clearing works, trenching operations, de-watering operations and the general management and handling of fauna. 


We treat our clients as a part of the same team and understand that everyone has a job to do and everyone’s roles are equally important. Given the opportunity to perform our role in cooperation with machinery operators, we can professionally and efficiently do our job to keep the project moving ahead without the need for hold ups or slowing the progress of the project.


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